I want to read something. Not anything. A specific story. I’s June. The sun is shining and the temperatures are higher every day. I feel the adventure in my blood. I want adventure. So, I’m leaving the house at 9:00 a.m.
behind the tinted glass panama hat inspiration cocktail 7
There are people on the street. Just an ordinary people. Everyone is doing their own business. In this moment I’m thinking how boring their life must be. Yes. Maybe some of them live an exciting life. Maybe. I want to feel the excitement. Badly. On my way to the library, I have to cross the street. The street is overcrowded with cars. I can smell the anxiety and the nervousness in the air. Those two friends of melancholy and boredom.
behind the tinted glass panama hat cocktail inspiration 6
I look up. The sky is beautiful! So pure. Crystal blue. I gaze at the seagull flying from the sea and hear his chirping. Suddenly, I see some characters. I don’t know them, but they want their story to be told. Now, I’m feeling different. I gaze at the street again. The traffic jam doesn’t look so terrible anymore.
behind the tinted glass panama hat cocktail inspiration 4
In my story, all these people can be the tourists who go to one of those fancy four of five star hotels. You know, where you can meet very important people. Very important heroes. Those who need to accomplish their goals. Wait! There’s a store near. I can see the big Panama hats in all colors and black, brown, and neon sunglasses.
behind the tinted glass panama hat cocktail inspiration 1
Yes, all I need is around me. The sun, the sea, the traffic jam, the fancy hotel… It would be nice to read some sea story. If I don’t find a book like that, with a Panama hat and a cocktail on the cover, I think I’ll write it. This is gonna be a day full of positive vibes. I feel it.

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